Student Feature: How Yasmin turned her dreams into a profitable reality!


Yasmin in her NinMin Co merchandise

Meet Yasmin, a Good School Teen who has turned her dreams into reality through her clothing business NinMin Co.  Good School is so proud to be a part of her journey towards success!

How long have you been at Good School? 

Nearly two years!

What are the most valuable lessons you have learnt at Good School? 

Not to be afraid to voice out my opinions. The coaches here really make me feel like my views and opinions count! I’ve also gained plenty of in-depth knowledge and developed a clear understanding about running a business, especially around the area of financial management.



What is your most memorable Good School experience? 

The cupcake business that we set up this year! It was exciting as we were collecting tangible cash, and instead of dealing with customers online, I had the opportunity to speak to them face to face. Further, the project was informative because the coaches taught me about profit margins, marketing, cost of goods and product pricing – these were concepts that I never knew much about before!


Good School T-Shirts designed by Yasmin

Talk about your business, NinMin Co. How did it all begin? 

It was 3am, my friend and I were browsing through an online store when we had this brilliant idea of starting a business for fun! We never thought that we would actually pursue it, but after a few days of designing our artwork and thinking, I decided to put the knowledge I learnt at Good School to use. Before we knew it, we started the business! Slowly, the business began to grow and expand in many different platforms. We’re on our way to establishing a trading company to carry out our business within the next year!

What is Ninmin Co all about? 

We specialize in t-shirts and more, you can even order custom t-shirts from us! We’re currently focused within the Hallyu Wave, or better known as the K-Wave and we’ll be branching out to the public, sooner than you think! We want our customers to enjoy our high-quality merchandise, and of course top service! We believe that you’re never too young to strive!

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