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Mike, parent of Moses from Good School's Kids Class (12)

IMG_8902Moses is more calm when he presents on stage and speaks with confidence. He also speaks with more clarity! Mike, parent of Moses from Good School's Kids Class (12)  

Zainuddin, parent of Izzat from Good School's Kids Class (10)

IMG_9195Izzat has shown more and more usage of the English language at home. He speaks more fluently and confidently. I can see the progress and improvement in him through the programme. Zainuddin, parent of Izzat from Good School's Kids Class (10)  

Eunice, Parent of Louixyuen (7)

  Slide1Louixyuen has become very confident when he is asked to present or take part in school performances. He always raises his hands to join storytelling competitions! He enjoys public speaking and finds plenty of fun, learning about different facial expressions and vocal tones. Eunice, Parent of Louixyuen (7)  

Tzi Yan (7), Good School Kid

TYAN Tzi Yan’s time on stage in Good School has helped build her confidence and developed a keen interest in public speaking! Her teacher was so impressed by her poetry reading performance at school! She said, ‘Tzi Yan did exceptionally well. She has the ‘package’. She smiled throughout the recitation. Her voice projection – loud and clear. I was simply blown away by her!" Well done coaches!   Celine, Parent of Tzi Yan (7)  - Good School Kid since June 2016  

Tan Yan Por, Good School Teen


The Public Speaking classes are laid-back and not stressful. It always starts with a quick ice-breaker which helps to release stress. The effects of the class started to show over time, and I have undoubtedly seen improvement in myself.

Tan Yan Por, Good School Teen


Ahmad Shukri, Good School Teen


I became more confident and fluent in speaking English, The classes always motivated me to be a successful person and achieve my dreams. They also taught me to face the challenges in real life so well!

Ahmad Shukri, Good School Teen


LC Chong

My son loves this school very much because their teaching method is interactive and learning is activity-based. They also provide public speaking and financial knowledge to kids too! LC Chong, Good School parent

Parent of Qin Yee, from Good School's Kids Class

The content taught by Good School is very critical in building an all-rounded child who will not only excel academically but also able to connect emotionally, logically and communicate well.

I see great improvement in my daughter's behavior and confidence after starting Good School. She speaks cheerfully, confidently and is enthusiastic about classes.

Good School to me, is the missing link that will enable your child to learn the skills of effective communication, a skill that will differentiate them from others in the eyes of potential employers.

Parent of Qin Yee, from Good School's Kids Class


Pn. Salida , Good School Teens parent

PuteriPuteri was happy and enjoyed all the classes! Her English is much better and her confidence level has also increased. I can see plenty of improvement in her. Thank You for your support and motivation!

Pn. Salida, Good School Teens parent


Justin Chin, Good School Teen

unnamedI have found Good School Teens to be a very beneficial and enjoying program, particularly in Public Speaking and social skills/etiquette. When I had first joined this program, I wondered whether I would enjoy or find anything useful in this program, but now I can definitely say that it has helped me in many ways such as self-confidence, time management and even in financial skills. The program really helped me to break out of my shell and leave my comfort zone and I would encourage students to attend this program.

Justin Chin

Marie-Anne, parent


From the first day Dremian joined Good School for the holiday program, he has been looking forward to going for the weekly classes. There has been many positive changes in him. He loves the activities and enjoys learning at Good School. He talks about the excitement he and his friends have attending the classes. I would recommend Good School to all parents as I see many positive changes in my son.


Juniadah, Parent of Dalili from Good School's Kid's class (11)

Dalili really enjoyed the classes and she has developed so much interest in the English language, as well as presenting in public. She loves the presentation sessions so much. She would practice for her Good School recitals over and over with perseverance at home, because she enjoys the programme!   Juniadah, Parent of Dalili from Good School's Kid's class (11)